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What is SSL certificate verification?

The SSL verification process allows the SSL vendor to confirm that the organisation requesting the SSL certificate is an active business and operates in the country that’s listed in their CSR and also to ensure that the organisation contact listed is an employee of the organisation. With these validation procedures you can trust that the owner of an SSL certificate is a valid and real organisation.

What does an SSL Certificate warranty cover?

Trustwave SSL certificates offer your customers an additional comfort by protecting their purchases for up to the warranty amount. They guarantee to your customer that you are you and that you are a real entity.

Trustwave pre-validate certificate holders and provide validation that is far higher than the majority of other SSL providers. Some CA’s have very weak validation hence they decide NOT to even offer an identification warranty! Please note that this high level of validation does not compromise the processing speed.

Trustwave SSL certificates also guarantee to your customers your geographical location. All of this information leads to a more comfortable customer who is more likely to use their credit card to make a purchase on your website.

What is Let’s Encrypt?

Let’s Encrypt offers a free and easy way to obtain an SSL certificate for your domain. These certificates are issued via a service called Let’s Encrypt which allows us to automate the entire process of requesting, validating, issuing and installing the certificate.

You can now simply log into MyZuver and request an Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate and our system will automatically request the certificate for you and perform the installation.

How do I enable Let’s Encrypt?

You can enable Let’s Encrypt in MyZuver by going to Hosting Services > Manage > Click on your service to open the drop down menu > Select ‘Let’s Encrypt SSL’

You will have the option here to Install a Let’s Encrypt certificate for any add-on domains or sub-domains on your hosting service. Please note that it is not possible to install an SSL certificate on a parked domain.

For the installation to work successfully your domain needs to resolve to our shared hosting server. For those using CloudFlare you will need to disable it before you can install a Let’s Encrypt certificate and re-enable CloudFlare once the install has been completed.

How do I renew my Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate?

Let’s Encrypt certificates are only valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

Once your Let’s Encrypt Certificate is within 10 days of Expiry you will need to manually renew the certificate in MyZuver. Please note that the option to renew will only appear in MyZuver when the Let’s Encrypt certificate is within 10 days of expiry.

How is Let’s Encrypt different from a Vendor-Issued SSL Certificate?

While Let’s Encrypt offers a free and easy way to set up an SSL Certificate there are many advantages to using a trusted vendor issued SSL Certificate.

Our Trustwave SSL Certificates offer a variety of different types of certificates that are all valid for 1 year as opposed to only 90 days. All certificates require verification by the organisation requesting the certificate and all are covered by a warranty should you be the victim of theft due to a faulty SSL certificate. We also offer some premium certificates such as EV certificates which includes a solid green address bar and wildcard certificates which can be installed on an unlimited number of sub-domains.

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