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How do I pay an invoice?

You’re able to pay any outstanding Zuver invoices by following these steps below.

  1. Login to your MyZuver account.
  2. In the left hand menu under Your Account select the Invoices option.
  3. Click the Pay option next to the applicable invoice.

This will provide you with the option to pay via Credit Card or PayPal online, as well as provide BPAY details if that is your preferred payment method.

Alternatively, any upcoming invoices will be displayed on your Dashboard upon logging in, with the option to pay it.

If you’re not able to gain access to your MyZuver account to pay an invoice, please contact our Customer Care team who can assist you.

Where can I view my past invoices?

Every invoice we have issued you can be found in your MyZuver account, for your own future reference.

You can find them by logging into your MyZuver account, and then clicking the Invoices option under Your Account. This page will list all of your past and present invoices.

Clicking on the invoice number will display more information about each one. You are also provided the option to email a PDF copy to yourself by clicking the orange button.

How I can I update my credit card details?

You can update your stored credit card information or view the last four digits of the card currently stored in the system within MyZuver. To do this please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your MyZuver account.
  2. Using the navigation menu on the left, click Your Account and then My Payment Method
  3. On this page you can view your existing payment method or select the new one you wish to set.

Please note: If you select Credit Card as your payment method, please be aware this means that 3 days before the due date of your invoice, we will debit your card for the amount stipulated on the invoice.

Am I able to upgrade my hosting service at a later date?

Of course you can! If you find that you’re hitting the limits of current plan, the best thing to do is to move to a hosting plan that will allow your website to run as it should.

When you’re ready for a change, simply reach out to our Billing team via an eTicket, and they can take care of everything from there.

You may be eligible for a pro-rated refund on any prepaid amount, however you will lose any coupon discount used on your initial order. These will be managed in line with our terms and conditions as posted on our website.

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