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It’s time to go… Zuver! :(

Cue the sad music, but don’t panic as we have you covered.

It has been our pleasure over the past nine years providing customers with ultra budget domains and web hosting through to more recently launching new custom cPanel hosting and Smarter WordPress hosting. I hope that our customers have enjoyed the service we have provided – but as they say in the classics, all good things must come to an end.

Due to changing market conditions and consolidation in the web hosting and domain name industry, we have made the difficult but necessary decision to retire the Zuver brand and focus our efforts on a single retail brand moving forward.

This means that all Zuver customers will soon be merged to our premier brand – VentraIP.

Some key points about this change:

  • Don’t panic! Nothing is changing immediately, and your service(s) will continue to operate as normal until we notify you otherwise.
  • You can continue to manage your Zuver services through MyZuver any time at until they are moved to VentraIP.
  • We will be offering existing customers using a variety of services the ability to lock-in their existing pricing for up to 12 months before the changeover takes effect. This will be emailed to eligible customers over the coming weeks.
  • VentraIP comes with additional services and offerings, like Google Workspace, dedicated email hosting and 24/7 live chat support
  • From today, you will no longer be able to order new services from Zuver.

    We’ve had some great fun with the Zuver brand over the years, and whilst we’re sad to see it go, we’re extremely proud of what we’ve been able to achieve and excited to see it go out as a successful business with a great reputation.

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    Common questions you might have

    Has Zuver been acquired?

    No. The Zuver brand will simply be retired and all existing customers will be merged to our primary retail brand – VentraIP.

    What will happen to my existing services?

    For now, all of your existing services will continue to operate as normal. Over the coming weeks, we will be in touch regarding the future of your specific services and information on how and when they will be migrated to VentraIP.

    Did somebody think of the children?

    Of course, we did!

    Will my price change?

    Depending on the service you have with Zuver, some prices will change. However, the service you receive will also change. When we email you regarding any changes, we will do our best to explain it all and allow you to make a decision that works for you.

    Can I lock in my existing price?

    In many cases, there will be an opportunity to lock in existing prices for a specific period. If this applies to your service, you will receive an email about it soon.

    How will you keep me informed?

    All of our notices will come via email, so please ensure you read them and take action if required.

    Who will feed the Zuvercorns?

    Unfortunately, the Zuvercorns were last seen wandering into the Ventrasaurus paddock. We can only assume what happened next.