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Why am I seeing a firewall block message when attempting to view my website?

Last updated: January 20, 2020

If you’re browsing to your website and you’re seeing a message stating “Your connection to this server has been blocked by the firewall”, then for whatever reason your IP address has been limited from accessing the server. This is by design to protect your website and data from malicious activity.

You can unblock yourself through MyZuver without needing assistance from our team.

A block could be the result of many reasons, some listed below:

  • Excessive invalid FTP login attempts.
  • Excessive invalid cPanel login attempts.
  • Excessive invalid WHM login attempts.
  • Excessive invalid POP3 login attempts.
  • Excessive invalid IMAP login attempts.
  • Excessive invalid SMTP login attempts.
  • mod_security when you are attempting to view a page via an invalid URL or there is an odd string being parsed.
  • Excessive invalid htaccess login prompt attempts.
  • Portscanning

In each case of “Excessive” invalid login attempts, this is typically measured through x number of failed attempts over x number of minutes (such as 15 failed attempts in 5 minutes).

If you have found yourself blocked by the firewall, you may unblock through MyZuver:

  1. Login to your MyZuver account.
  2. Click the My Services button on your MyZuver dashboard, then select Hosting from the options below.
  3. Click Manage on the relevant hosting service.
  4. On the left-hand side, select the Check Firewall option.
  5. This will then automatically check your current IP address against the server, or you may enter another persons IP address to check theirs.
  6. If a block is found, it will state the reason and allow you to unblock it.

It’s important you resolve the issue which caused the block, using the block reason in MyZuver as your investigation starting point.

If you need any assistance whilst following through with any of these processes, feel free to get in touch with us via a ticket or over the phone on (03) 8001 4100.

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