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What is the domain redemption grace period?

Last updated: January 15, 2019

The Redemption Period is a policy started by ICANN and the Registry Operators, which is renewing the domain name at its very last point before dropping back into the public registry.

This is a 30 day Registry-imposed hold period for domain names which have expired and were not renewed by the registrant, allowing the drop domain process to run.

Normally domain names would be deleted at this point, but the redemption period provides the registrant with one last chance to recover the domain before it’s dropped and potentially registered by a new owner.

To renew a domain that is in the redemption period, there is a RGP (Redemption Grace Period) fee that is applicable, in addition to the regular renewal fees.

It can take up to 4 business days for the process to be completed. If you wish to renew a domain name whilst it’s in this period, please lodge a new ticket to our Billing team via MyZuver.

The RGP fee is considered to be $120 in most cases, plus the domain name’s yearly renewal (in addition to the regular domain name renewal fee); however, some gTLD’s are quite expensive and require a higher RGP fee. (varying fee per registration type). Our billing department can confirm exact pricing.

The domain name expiry process differs between our different wholesale providers:

  • For .AU domain names, you have 30 days after the expiry date to renew the domain before, it drops into the registry. There is no redemption grace period restore.
  • For any gTLD (such as .com, .net etc), you have a total of 70-75 days (the reason being is the registry period has a buffer window) to renew the domain name, however, the redemption grace period kicks in after 40 days of expiry, with a 30 day RGP window.

Alternatively, there is always the option of waiting out the entire redemption grace period which lasts for 30 days, following this period the domain name will be completed deleted and drop into the available domain pool approximately 5-6 days later. Once the domain name is deleted it is available to register by anyone, so the risk of losing it to a new registrant is high.


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