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What is a ping and how do I complete one?

Last updated: January 16, 2019

A ping tests the connection between two networks (your computer and our hosting server) by sending packets to a host and then reporting the time it takes to get a response┬áThis allows us to see where your computer is going looking for the website (the IP), if you’re reaching our server, and if there’s any dropped packets. To conduct a ping please follow the instructions below:


  1. Open the command window by clicking START, then RUN (you may need to search for it). Type CMD, and click OK.
  2. In the command window type “ping” and press enter. Substitute in for your websites domain.
  3. To copy the results right click the command window, select mark, highlight the text and right click again. You can then post the results where you need them (such as an eTicket reply).


  1. Go to the Applications folder, then Utilities, then Network Utility.
  2. Click on the ping tab and specify your domain name.
  3. Click Ping

This will help investigate any potential network or domain related issues, as if your website is not resolving or being pinged properly, it suggests there is an error or fault lying along the way.

We recommend contacting our support team if you run into any issues.

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