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Is domain name auto renewal supported?

Last updated: January 11, 2019

Zuver does not currently support auto-renewal of domain names at this point in time unfortunately, but we do provide a large amount of domain expiry notices regarding your domain’s expiry status to ensure that you can renew it with ample amount of time.

We send domain expiry notices 90/60/30/10/5/1 day(s) before the expiry date, which is sent to the registrant email address listed on the domain name.

If you’re unsure of what this is, you’ll want to login to MyZuver, navigate to the ‘Domain Names’ section, and view the registrant information listed on the domain.

There are several reasons why auto-renewal is not in place at this point in time, with the major being that, domain renewals cannot be reversed under any circumstance, as it sends this request to the registry operator who cannot offer us a refund for processing the renewal.

This is particularly pertinent for those who wish to let their domain lapse and expire if they do not wish to continue it.

If we do ever release domain auto-renewal, we will be sure to notify our current registrants and those who wish to take part.

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