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How do I setup my email on my iPhone or iPad?

Last updated: January 16, 2019

Setting up your email account on your iPad or iPhone device is a manual process, but fortunately it’s fairly easy.

Please follow these steps below to complete the setup of your email account on your Apple device:

  1. Create your email account in cPanel.
  2. On your iPhone/iPad click on the Settings icon.
  3. Click Mail, Contact, Calendars.
  4. Select Add Mail Account.
  5. Click Other and then run through the steps.

You will need to ensure IMAP is set as your email protocol, then input the details as follows:

  • Name: Enter your name as you would like your correspondents to see it.
  • Email: Enter your full email address as created in cPanel.
  • Description: This is a quick blurb which only displays on your phone to make this new account identifiable.

For your Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server settings, please use the following:

  • Host Name: This will typically be, where you replace with your real domain.
  • Username: Your full email address.
  • Password: Your email address password as set when creating it.

That’s it, you’ll now be able to send and receive emails on your iPhone device. Typically if you come across an error retrieving your email, it’s due to a mistype in your email configuration – so double check it.

If you have any issues setting up your email account, please contact our Australian support team who will be able to assist further.

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