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How do I restore a cPanel backup?

Last updated: October 14, 2020

Generating and restoring a home directory backup

Within cPanel you have the option to go to the Backup icon where you may generate a copy of the home directory. This will zip up the contents of your /public_html and allow you to download the archive. In the event you wish to restore this backup, simply return to cPanel’s Backup area and upload your file in the applicable option.

Generating and restoring a MySQL backup

Within cPanel you may go to the Backup icon where you can download a .sql file which serves as a copy of your MySQL database. In the unlikely event, you need to restore a copy of your database(s) you may return to this area of cPanel to restore a .sql you have previously downloaded; alternatively, you can also restore a .sql using phpMyAdmin.
Depending on the size of the database there may be some occasions where you will need to have our technical support team restore the .sql file for you. If you need our team to do it then simply open a new eTicket with them and provide the location of the .sql file in your hosting and the database you want it restored to.

Generating and restoring a full cPanel user backup

cPanel provides the option to create a full cPanel user backup which contains all facets of the hosting service; files, databases, email addresses, configuration, etc. To generate a full cPanel backup simply login to cPanel, goto the Backup icon, click on the Full cPanel Backup option and follow the prompts.

In the unlikely event you need to restore a full cPanel backup which you have a local copy of, simply upload it to the hosting service and lodge a support request to our team. We will then be able to restore the backup as required along with any applicable fee’s. Please note we also take our own daily and weekly backups for disaster recovery purposes; if you require a backup from our archives simply lodge a support request where our team can communicate fee’s and arrange restoration from our archives.

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