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How do I register a Child Name Server or glue record?

Last updated: January 16, 2019

Zuver supports the creation of Child Name Servers (also referred to as glue records, custom nameservers or registry hosts) on all domain name registrations.

These are particularly important for resellers who wish to use whitelabel nameservers as opposed to the ones provided by us, for a more professional look.

To complete this through MyZuver, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your MyZuver account.
  2. Click the ‘Manage Domain Names’ button on your MyZuver dashboard.
  3. Click on your domain name.
  4. In the dropdown options click Child Name Servers.
  5. Using the Add New Registry Host fields enter your desired Hostname (i.e. for example) and the IP Address of the corresponding nameserver of ours.
    This basically means that if we have that points to for your service, you need to set up to also point to as it maps correctly.
  6. Click Add Host; repeat as required.

Please remember once you have setup your Registry Hosts that you will also need to setup DNS A records with your DNS provider.

If you do require any assistance making these changes, please feel free to contact our support team for further assistance.

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