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How do I cancel my domain name?

Last updated: January 16, 2019

We generally advise cancelling your domain name, and rather instead recommend simply letting the domain registration lapse naturally.

As all domain name renewals are manual, you’d just simply ignore the domain expiry notices which are sent every 90/60/30/10/5/1 day(s) to the registrant email address listed on your domain.

Please keep in mind that if you were to let your domain registration expire, it will eventually lapse back into the public registry where absolutely anyone can register it.

We can always hide it from view in MyZuver, if you didn’t want to see it but it will technically still be registered and active.

It is the recommendation to keep it active if you do wish to use it again at some point.

If you have been requested by court order to remove this domain name, we can delete it upon request.

If your domain is a .AU domain and you have been flagged by AuDA policy for copyright infringement or you’re no longer eligible to hold the domain name, we will reach out to you letting you know that you need to rectify the issue but after 7 days if not resolved, the domain will be purged back to the public registry.

Things to take into consideration before deleting your domain name.

  • Your domain will not be deleted instantly, instead take a 3-5 day buffer window to completely drop back into the registry.
  • You will not receive any credit or refund for the remaining days/months/years left on the domain name.
  • If someone else registers it, and you decide you’d like the domain name back, it is not the easiest process in order to get it back, especially if it is a gTLD such as a .com or .net domain.

If you have any issues or dramas with your domain name, please feel free to get in contact with our team and we’ll be happy to assist further.


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