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How can I enable ID Protection on my domain name registration?

Last updated: January 20, 2020

We understand the importance of protecting your personal information, especially since registering a domain name requires you to include personal details such as first and last name, billing address, email address and phone number.

We offer ID protection on any gTLD – this is for domain names such as .com, .net, .org. etc. for free with any domain registration.

It is enabled by default during the checkout process, so you won’t need to manually add it to your cart or remove it. We strongly recommend leaving it enabled from the very beginning, as you can always enable it later, but once your information is publicly available on WHOIS searches, it will be hidden but those initial scrapers would still have your personal details.

This is a feature often referred to as ID Protection, but also as WHOIS Protection and Domain Privacy. To enable your ID Protection within MyZuver, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your MyZuver account.
  2. Click the My Services button on your MyZuver dashboard.
  3. Next, select Domain Management >> Manage on the domain name you wish to enable ID Protection on.
  4. On the left-hand side (Under Security), select ID Protection.
  5. Click Enable.

ID Protection is now enabled on your domain name; this gives you some privacy by putting some generic information onto your domain names WHOIS record – but importantly the masked email address forwards to your original registrant email address.

Why would I need ID protection?

ID protection is beneficial given the fact it hides all of your personal information from WHOIS lookups.

WHOIS lookups are notoriously used by web development/digital agencies or SEO companies based overseas, who will email you with regards to their services quite frequently.

Unfortunately, most of them are just spam, and don’t actually have an unsubscribe button which keeps the spam going.

Also, given the fact that your phone number is listed on WHOIS lookups, it would prevent a lot of unsolicited calls from coming through.

Do .AU domain names have ID protection?

.AU domain names have their own level of ID protection, however, it’s not something that can be enabled or disabled during our checkout. .AU namespace policy prevents the details on a domain name Whois from being obscured, but never fear the only information available is:

  • ABN/ACN/RBN or other eligibility criteria used – Therefore a business name, club group, etc.
  • The name of the Registrant and Technical contact person.
  • The email address of the Registrant and Technical contact person – but this is protected via Captcha and only available on the auDA website.

No other details such as phone number or address are shown on a WHOIS record for a .AU domain name registration.

If you need any assistance whilst following through with any of these processes, feel free to get in touch with us via a ticket or over the phone on (03) 8001 4100.

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