Smart WordPress - why is it so smart?
Mar 3, 2020
3 min read

WordPress Hosting, Smart WordPress Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting … so many similar words, so many questions about what they actually mean!

Let’s start from the beginning.

We all know what WordPress Hosting is all about – it’s when your web hosting provider (hey, that’s us!) tailors their hardware, software and add-on services to improve the security, speed and reliability of WordPress websites.


Here at Zuver, we take it a step further, and offer a product called Managed WordPress. It’s basically a step up from the basic WordPress hosting. You get all of the inclusions of a tailored WordPress hosting solution, but we also manage the technical side of your WordPress website as well … 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

For example, we can help with backups, updates and security patches.

Our plans are called Smart WordPress, Smarter WordPress, and Smartest WordPress … and they might be exactly what you’re looking for!

But what makes them so smart?

This is the fun bit. We’ve automated your backups (they run every 3 hours!), we’ve created smart updates (so your plugins, themes and core are kept up to date), and we offer simple staging and cloning, so you can add to, and edit, your website as much as you like, safely!

Just a little bit intrigued?

Head over to our Smarter WordPress page and let the Zuvercorns tell you more! There might even be a sneaky discount in it for you … keep an eye out on the bottom of the page for a sneaky visit from Duncan the Zuvercorn!